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Black Forest

R510.00 / m2


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    Guarantee25 Years Heavy Domestic / 5 Years General Commercial Use + 2 Years Installation Guarantee

    Colours Nordic Grey, Woodland Oak, Maplewood Mist, White Elder, Oakwood Manor, Sun Bleached Oak
    Grade AC4/W32 – Heavy Domestic / Heavy Commercial Grade
    Board density Greater than 890/900 kg/m3
    Installation Price R60.00 / m2
    Thickness (mm) 12 mm
    Length (mm) 2200 mm
    Width (mm) 239 mm
    Suited For High traffic domestic and commercial use.
    “This is the thickest, widest and longest laminate floor available in the market.”
    Question Answer
    1. What is the difference between click-system and stick (glue) down vinyl flooring? In summary, click-system vinyl floors are usually thicker, more reliable, easier to install and better quality overall. To see a full comparison, visit our installation page here.
    2. Can you install vinyl flooring over tiles? Yes! We can certainly install click-system vinyl flooring over existing tiles without a problem. Since we user rubber lay (our underlayment of choice), it will flatten the surface and smoothen the ridges between the tiles to allow an even surface for your new vinyl floor to sit on.
    3. How long does installation take? Installation can take anywhere from a day to a week or more depending on the size of the project. Small residential projects (1 to 2 rooms) can usually be completed within a day. Get in touch with us to find out more.
    4. Will I need to screed my floors before you can install the vinyl flooring? Screeding is not always necessary! Sometimes it may be, however. If a floor is damaged or if it is very uneven, it will need to be screeded before we can install your new vinyl floors. Visit our installations page for more information.

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