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Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are a simple and sleek option for any size window or patio door and their perfect straight lines allow superb light control and great privacy. These blinds are easy to control and can be drawn completely open to one side to expose the full window view. They are also ideal for windows that are sometimes difficult to dress, such as sloping windows.

- COLOUR RANGE: There are over 40 fabric ranges in the Vertical blinds collection, with the number of colours in each ranging from 6 to 10.

- APPLICATION: Interior applications in offices, homes and hospitals etc, large window openings eg. 5.500m wide x 2.500m drop and sloping windows

- SLAT SIZES: Slats are available in 127mm, 89mm and 63mm widths.

- ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: Most fabric ranges, especially blockout fabrics, will assist to maximise heat retention between the closed blind and glass window opening, reducing cooling costs. Vertical blinds also have an adjustable light control tilt function which maximizes the use of natural light in the work place for increased productivity as well as reducing the use of artificial lighting ( ie. saving energy costs ).

- CUT-OUTS AND SLOPING WINDOWS: Vertical Blinds can be manufactured to incorporate cut-outs to accommodate stepped windows, airconditioners etc, and can also be manufactured to fit various sloped window shapes.

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